As we strive to deliver holistic service solution to our employers and job seekers alike, we also make sure to systematise your travel and ticketing processes not skipping even the minuscule details. We are largely networked with travel partners to facilitate the candidates with to and fro tickets, accommodation and necessary documentation. Elahi Overseas Consultants also offers Emigration Clearance for the candidate from the respective department of the Government.


We value your hard-earned money as much as you do. With our robust travel and ticketing wing, we arrange economic air tickets to travel abroad. We keep ourselves constantly updated with up-to-the-minute travel trends, offers and discounts which help us make timely arrangements that costs reasonable and promises maximum value for money.

COVID 19 – Travel Advisory

Following the outburst of COVID-19 pandemic, passengers travelling abroad are mandated to take up RTPCR test 48 hours before travel date. It is also essential to strictly adhere to precautions and hygiene protocols and abide by safety measures as proposed by the airline and the respective country you are scheduled to travel with.