We psychologically prepare candidates to befit in the upcoming job role prior to the final departure. Our Orientation sessions mentally prepare you to travel abroad, and educate about the work culture you can look forward to. The organizational practices, industrial norms, safety issues, prevailing labour laws at the recruiter nation, and other imperative knowledge are transferred to the aspiring minds to enhance their adaptability to changing scenarios.


As a consultant deployed to bridge the gap between Employers and Job Seekers, we guarantee to fulfil our inbound duties while also handing over a few to the candidates as well. We educate you about the necessary tools and resources to make the trip a grand success. We achieve this by strategically curating a custom-package for you with fair pricing and service.

Best practices

For candidates that are set to travel overseas, we suggest you to be familiar with the Indian Embassy contacts at the arriving country as it may come handy during unprecedented scenarios. Furthermore, acquaint with the legalities and laws in the visiting country as what may seem normal in your motherland may be considered offensive elsewhere.