HRD Document Attestation


HRD (Human Resource Development Ministry) attestation is the process of authentication of educational document. HRD authentication centre is available in each state. The degree certificate needs to get attested from the HRD of the state before getting it attested from the Ministry of External Affairs, India.  Attestation is the true and accurate representation of the authenticity of that specified certificate. There is a process through which your certificates goes, so as to get attested, which has been explained to you briefly;

  • The certificates are first submitted at the HRD of the state, from where the certificates have been issued.
  • The HRD then verifies the certificates with the university, which issued those certificates.
  • After getting the verification of its authenticity, the certificates are stamped and attested by the HRD.

Attention needed!

Middle Eastern countries have predominantly mandated Medical Tests and complete Health Check for overseas candidates. This is purely intended to ascertain suitable health condition of the applicant, and ensure there is nil known possibility of any transmittable diseases.